December 28, 2022

Amsterdam's Canals

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Discover Amsterdam through the lens of the golden age when you sail the canals.

Amsterdam is known as one of the most accepting cities in the world. From coffee shops to cafés, everyone is welcome to enjoy the historic attractions, art collections, and distinct culture. Explore this city full of gabled facades and remnants of the 17th-century golden age from the breathtaking canals.

Not only are the canals of Amsterdam a main mode of transportation, but they are a major part of the Netherlands' history. These beautiful waterways are amongst the most iconic landmarks in the world. They split the city into 90 different islands full of incredible historic landmarks, plus Amsterdam's inner canal ring was recognized as a UNSECO world heritage site in 2010. 


Venice of the North

With 90 islands and 1500 bridges throughout Amsterdam, the city is known as the Venice of the north. Visitors will find themselves in love with the canal's reflections and the easy walkability of this city.

A Part of Amsterdam's Culture

Today the canals are still a big part of the culture of Amsterdam. These waterways shaped the city. In medieval times they were a defense mechanism keeping the city safe. Now, these canals are kindly regarded by locals. Some people have boats that serve as gardens or porches, while others live on houseboats.


Historic Canals as modernized Waterways

The canals used to be a bit smelly and dirty, but through modern efforts, they have become quite clean. They are constructed with locks, so the canal doesn't ebb and flow. The constant water level is regularly maintained with five flushes a week. By flushing the water through, the canals smell fine and stay clean. Even with regular sanitation efforts, they clean around 15,000 bikes from the 160 canals yearly.

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Making the most of the Canals

These historic canals can serve as an elegant way to see the city. Walk along these beautiful waterways for some of Amsterdam's iconic sites or grab a coffee and enjoy the views. Our favorite way to discover Amsterdam is with a festive river cruise. You only have to unpack once when you explore the cities of northern Europe aboard a river ship.

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