September 28, 2023

Health + Wellness at Canyon Ranch Tucson

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All-inclusive Wellness Resorts & Health Spas

Find your path to balance and well being at Canyon Ranch and beyond with their many take home resources and recipes. With the Prickly Pear Sunrise Mocktail or Liquid Sunshine, Canyon Ranch Tucson is a unique property in that there is no alcohol served on property, and it feels like a true desert oasis. 


Canyon Ranch Tucson; Discover What's Next

Welcome to a world where transformation is tradition. Here, you are immersed in your intention and expertly guided with integral answers and sustainable practices to cultivate lasting change.

Choose from a wide array of treatments, creative classes, and services to improve mind body & soul. 

Discover your own journey, and change it along the way, with Canyon Ranch's updated Pathways and all-new Pathways Plus for total well-being. Pathways are expertly curated personalized stay packages based on your wellness intentions, and Pathways Plus offers medical-based immersive experiences with diagnostic services for targeted health improvements.

The Healing Energy of the Sonoran Desert

Even when you're on vacation, when was the last time you took time to focus on your own health journey?

Do you feel like it's time for a reset? Regardless of what you're searching for, Canyon Ranch probably offers the tools to add healthy habits to your lifestyle. 

There is an emphasis on self-compassion and choosing a pathway that is not overwhelming while also including the mind, body and spirit. Potentially brain-boosting activities offered at Canyon Ranch retreats are creative endeavors such as painting and drawing — as well as dance, sound baths, music, meditation, time spent in nature, exercise, proper sleep, and better nutrition. 

The Sacred Saguaro

The giant saguaro is the universal, resilient, symbol of the American west, only found in the Sonoran Desert. The saguaro is a keystone species that provides food and shelter for many desert animals. Saguaros have hundreds of flowers that bloom several per day from late April to early June. The flowers open at night and close the following afternoon. Surprisingly, the saguaro is ribbed with wood on the inside, and each arm takes about 100 years to grow!. 

Why Use a Travel Agent? 

Booking with an MVT travel advisor means gaining access to insider knowledge- like guiding you along a pathway at Canyon Ranch or choosing to customize your own with their a-la-carte options. There's even membership options or even houses on property. So yes, you can live there. 

When you book your all-inclusive experience with MVT you'll receive the $100 resort credit, and early check-in & late check-out! Find an MVT advisor to start your pathway to wellness. 

Award-winning resorts in Tucson, Arizona, and Lenox, Massachusetts, a new wellness retreat in Woodside, California, and the largest day spa in North America at The Venetian® Resort in Las Vegas offer Canyon Ranch guests lasting transformation, with experience pathways composed to answer their wellness intentions. Behind it all, personal guidance from world-class experts in health and healing, food and nutrition, spa and beauty services, fitness and movement, and mind and spirit impact Canyon Ranch guests long after they leave.

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