January 13, 2023

Mardi Gras Around the World

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Dancing in the Street 

In some places, the festivities of Mardi Gras & Carnival have begun! In most countries and islands, Carnival usually begins in February (depending on when Easter takes place). It's a time of celebration, elaborate costumes, and fun before Lent - a time of fasting and abstaining from indulgences like meat, or maybe sugar in preparation for Easter. The word Carnival has latin roots that mean "without meat," and in French Mardi Gras translates to "fat Tuesday." 

mardi gras-carnival-spring-travel-From New Orleans to Venice, no two cities' events are identical; rather, these parades range from the brightly-colored bead tossing along Bourbon Street to the iconic grand masquerade balls Venetian style.

Carnival isn't just a time to party; it is also a creative outlet for artists. There is a Trinidadian expression that says the locals never stop thinking about carnival. The explosion of color, costumes, music, and of course dancing is a worthwhile addition to your bucket list.  

The Montecito Village Travel advisors are ready and excited to share their expertise with visiting these parts of the world. They will help get you there too! 

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📍Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The party in Rio starts five days that precede Ash Wednesday, and during this time, millions of visitors partake in the cultural experience. The Samba parade is considered the cornerstone of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The parades at the Sambadrome are the main attraction of the entire celebration. 

travel tip- carinvale - belmond hotel- travel tip-promocayetano-gil-T0tb5Olqkis-unsplash📍New Orleans, Louisiana

It's no surprise that New Orleans' Mardi Gras celebration is the biggest of its kind in the U.S. Taking a luxury river cruise is the easiest and most memorable way to make your Mardi Gras trip. Viking's Heart of the Delta: Mardi Gras Extension includes itinerary highlights like a behind-the-scenes visit to Mardi Gras World. See authentic costumes, watch the floats being built and the roar of the streets. After lunch at world famous Arnaud’s restaurant, explore the city!

To avoid the crowds, plan your trip for January or early February when festivities begin so you can still cross this once-in-a-lifetime trip off your bucket list.

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📍Venice, Italy

Carnevale, which attracts approximately 3 million people to St. Mark's Square each year, is rooted in a series of historical reenactments and lavish masquerade balls. Wearing masks and costumes made it possible for people to hide any differences of class or status, and it was even allowed to make fun of the aristocracy. 

Endless Luxury; Charme&Adventure

Charme&Adventure is a luxury travel designing and touring company based in Milan, Italy. Charme&Adventure helps you find the best views. Fold your map away, and get lost among the canals and masquerade of Carnevale. 



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