May 26, 2022

Modern-Day Wild West

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Discover real-world beauty and a modern-day adventure on a trip to the wild west.

In the early days of filmmaking, America's wild west was glamorized throughout the world. With gorgeous footage of Hollywood sweethearts and handsome cowboys, the movie industry recreated the history of the wild west. While the life of western settlers was far from easy, they did settle beautiful, expansive lands from New Mexico to Montana. The natural beauty found in the west is stunning and many of the original wonders can be worked into a modern wild west itinerary. 

Today the west is known for incredible outdoor adventuring, expansive landscapes, and some of the best national parks in the states. For those looking for an adventure close to home- Montana, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, and Colorado are great options for any type of traveler.


The American frontier, also known as the old west or the Wild West, encompasses land settled during the later era of the American expansion. The general history of the wild west goes deep into the roots of American history, and the intention of moving west for opportunity was realized. During this time Americans moved to the west in search of mining work, with dreams of the gold rush, for opportunities with gifted land, and for farming work. The popularized life of a cowboy was rare throughout the west. Though cowboys did exist, mining was a more popular occupation. Today there are historic mining towns and plenty of ranch life throughout the west to reminisce on the past and learn about life in the late 1800s.


Outdoor Adventures

Back in the day, horseback riding was definitely the favored way to get around, but today there are many great ways to discover the natural beauty of this region. Biking is a great way to get out and enjoy the expansive beauty. Biking in Sedona, Moab, Park City, Jackson, and Sun Valley is some of the best in the United States. If biking isn't for you these areas also offer great hiking trails with the stunning spires of Fisher Towers and the glorious hikes into the Grand Canyon. From enjoying the waters of Glenwood Springs to a bounty of world-class skiing, every season in the modern-day wild west offers an opportunity to discover the outdoors.



Western films featured plenty of endlessly beautiful landscape shots. From Monument Valley to Dead Horse Point, long pans of western wilderness are well known.  Trips to the states of the wild west expand on classic western scenes. Visiting the red rocks of Utah, the endless meadows of Montana, and the mountains of Colorado all evoke feelings of another time and another way of life.

For breathtaking views on your journey talk to your travel advisor about what setting works best for you. The west has always been known for its beautiful wilderness. With the beauty of monument valley, the rugged mountains in Colorado, and more- the west is a destination everyone should discover.

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A Historic Stay: Montage Deer Valley

Recently redone to tie the Silver mining history into the design of Montage Deer Valley guestrooms and suites, this authentic mountain getaway offers western elegance. Located five minutes from Main Street, this retreat is home to year-round activities, inspired dining, and a spa sanctuary.


A Stay in Today's Wild West: Pendry Park City

Pendry Park City is the perfect escape for families and groups of friends for summer and winter. With its location in Canyons Village and at the base of the ski resort, you can walk to the activities, concerts, and restaurants in the village throughout the summer and winter. The hotel is all residences ranging from studios to four bedrooms and the rooftop pool will certainly be a highlight during the summer!


An Expansive Wilderness Stay: Montage Big Sky

Discover the peaceful and adventurous spirit of Montage Big Sky. Set in the Spanish Peaks mountain range and conveniently close to Yellowstone national park this luxury retreat is enveloped by natural beauty. With artfully designed guestrooms and attentive team members, you will discover the beauty of the west in stylish comfort. Every season in Big Sky country reveals an array of experiences including ski-in access to Big Sky Resort, world-class fishing, a private 18-hole golf course, inspired dining, and more.

A See it All Tour: Utah Luxury Tours

Explore and visit the Mighty 5 national parks in Utah: Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. This company also features tours to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and the Grand Canyon. Every tour is customizable and their luxury vehicles will ensure you are transported in comfort and style.

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Discover More from Home

While there are a ton of historic westerns worth watching, there are also some modern-day books and entertainment worth checking out.

  • If you are a reader, try Desert Solitare By Edward Abby or Educated by Tara Westover. Any Edward Abby book is a great insight into life in the west, but Desert Solitare is a first-hand account of being a ranger in Arches before the National Park became so popular. Educated is a memoir that reveals the value of education and a difficult family dynamic set in rural Idaho. Both are incredible accounts of a life well lived through vastly different circumstances.
  • If you'd prefer to cozy up on the couch, watch True Grit or Rango to get excited about your adventure. For the film buff, True Grit is a beautifully shot tale of vengeance and valor. Set in Ridgeway, Colorado this film follows a brave young girl looking for her father's murderer. For the kiddos, the animated film, Rango, is a fun tale where a sheltered Chameleon struggles with his identity and rediscovers himself.

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