March 6, 2023

Travel Tips for Return Visits

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Shianne Motter

How to Spend More Time on Vacation

The farther you travel the more you feel at home. If you're the type of traveler who believes this then revisiting a once new destination can be a powerful experience. Just because you have been there before is no reason not to go again!

Don't underestimate the power of revisiting a country or city you have already been. A return trip holds familiar feelings and new experiences and people. No place or person remains unchanged through the years. 


Slow Down

A place becomes meaningful when you can spend more time in one place, taking in a fuller picture of the city and it's people. Finding those hidden gems can transform an overwhelming city center into a home away from home.

The eager traveler may want to fit in as many countries or regions in their itinerary as possible, but the avid traveler knows that slowing down is harder and often times more rewarding. Here are a couple cities that are worthy of another visit, and travel tips to get you there with MVT. 

travel tip-return vist-travel type-Find Your Travel Style with Globus 

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