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The philosophy of Essence of Sicily is simple: each one of their clients are a special universe, and the idea is to offer completely custom-made inspiration, story-telling and vision, drawing on twenty years of highly recognized expertise.

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Essence of Sicily

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Family Lunch

In the streets of Burgio there is a slow flow of simple things and traditions that are handed down. The itinerary first leads to the Mother Church and then on to discover the ancient tradition of ceramics and bells.

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If you think you knew the city, think again. Each district and alley is the beginning of a story that Marcella recounts with passion. Palermo shines of its own light with its thousand shades that blind and amaze, with its contrasts that surprise and that cultural syncretism that determine its soul.

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Salt Crystals

A landscape that changes, transforms and never ceases to surprise. The salt pans are the extreme border between sea and land and the mills are the signs that identify this part of Sicily. You will always carry the salt crystals with you, like the intense color of this landscape. In this journey, salt becomes the character, with its history, its benefits, its properties.

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Rosso Cinabro

In the center of Ragusa Ibla there is a place where a tradition that seemed to have disappeared has been brought back to life. This workshop-laboratory in the heart of Ragusa Ibla takes its name from a color, and carry on the art of Sicilian cart painting following the oral tradition learned from the old master cart painters.

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Slow Time

To be part of the small community of Sant’Angelo Muxaro is to live an unforgettable human and relational experience. There are countries where time flows slowly, where we must stop and listen to understand its richness. Relationships arise spontaneously as well as conversations that reveal the life of a community and its daily routines.

Essence of Sicily

Wine Roads

A sense of aesthetics, beauty and of knowing how to live

A bottle of wine always contains the story of a family and a relationship with the region. The wines speak of the region and it is important to taste a glass and at the same time understand how the origin of the grapes, the soil and the micro-climate influenced the trend of the vintage


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