2018/2019 Southeast Asia Cruise: Mekong River

Mekong River Cruises Takes you Through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

The Mekong River is the world's 12th longest river and stretches over 2,700 miles. A Scenic Mekong River cruise sails through various parts of Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia, and provides an enlightening view of how important the river is to the local Cambodian people and to their livelihoods.

The Mekong River flows from the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, through precipitous gorges in China and the Golden Triangle—a geographical point where the borders of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand meet.

From there, the Mekong River continues its southward course through Cambodia and Vietnam, before it finally empties into the South China Sea.


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On a Scenic river cruise down the Mekong River, guests will be provided with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and the history of the region. This journey begins with a visit to Wat Hanchey, a pagoda set atop a prominent hillside near the city of Kampong Cham.

The Buddhist temple and monastery was a significant place of worship as far back as the Chenla period in the 8th century. The site consistently fascinates visitors with its bright colors, large fruit sculptures, and a brick Hindu temple from the 7th century that was built in honor of Shiva, one of the three major Hindu deities.

Only a short distance down the river in the city of Kampong Cham itself, travelers can visit Wat Nokor, a religious site that is made up of a colorful, modern Hinayana Buddhist pagoda that has been built inside the walls of a 12th-century Mahayana Buddhist shrine, which was originally constructed by Khmer King Jayavarman VII, a Buddhist ruler who built more than 100 hospitals and many monuments during his three-decade-long reign. 

Scenic Myanmar (Burma) fishermen on boats at orange sunset


Other experiences to be enjoyed during a Mekong River Cruise include a lesson on Buddhist prayer with monks at a mountaintop stupa, pagoda, and monastery in the ancient capital city of Oudong. Guests can also participate on Scenic's guided tours of local food markets followed by a cooking demonstration of Khmer cuisine in Phnom Penh.

A visit to Tra Su Bird Sanctuary in Tan Chau shouldn't be missed. Experience a guided boat tour through acres of flooded forests that are inhabited by various types of stork, herons, waterhens, kingfishers, and other species of birds.

Guests looking to connect with nature in other ways will enjoy an elephant trek to the peak of Mount Phou Asa, which offers splendid views across the Mekong River valley.

Those wishing to do a bit more of the exercising themselves can take bicycle tours of nearby villages in Champasak, a province in southwestern Laos.

Java aficionados will enjoy a visit to a nearby coffee plantation, where they’ll learn about the process of growing and harvest coffee beans. And, of course, Scenic river cruise guests will have a chance to explore the World Heritage Site of Wat Phou, an ornate Khmer temple made up of pillars, shrines, and palaces (among other edifices).

The site also features a natural spring that, according to the local people, emits holy water. Guests interested in exploring Southeast Asia further might also be interested in hearing about Scenic’s Irrawady River cruises.

Bayon Khmer Temple Angkor Cambodia


The Mekong River supports about 1,100 species of fish, but it is also home to an array of rarer and more unique animals. According to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), a 118-mile-long stretch of the Mekong that runs between Cambodia and Laos is home to fewer than 100 Irrawaddy dolphins.

These rare river dolphins are not yet endangered, but the WWF classifies them as being vulnerable to extinction; and the Khmer and Lao cultures both regard the species as a sacred animal. The Mekong is also home to Siamese crocodiles (in the wetlands region) and giant species of Catfish, Carp, and Ibis. 

Endangered tigers can also be found in the forests of the Mekong River valley.

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