April 1, 2020

Dining with American Queen Voyages

Picture of Nick Cabugos
Nick Cabugos

Creative Director, Montecito Village Travel

Dining with American Queen Voyages is more than dinner; it’s an experience.

Inspired by America’s heartland, our Southern heritage and the Pacific Northwest, our menus showcase the varied cultural and culinary influences of our nation.Enjoy several courses during every flavorful encounter. Our talented servers are seasoned to build connections with guests, for thoughtfully personalized dining experiences. Do you enjoy a glass of milk instead of wine or beer with dinner? Order it once, and don’t be surprised to see a glass brought to your table each of the following evenings. That type of attention to detail makes dining with us a true pleasure.dining-lamb_chops-1200x628

Imagine: On the skillfully set table, your dining room attendant places a plate of sliced ripe melon wedges draped with a ribbon of thinly sliced prosciutto. The dish: pure art –nearly too graceful to eat. The first course leads to the second, where cold-smoked salmon becomes the stage for the unmissable waltz of cream cheese and red onion, capers and chopped hard-cooked egg.


Third: an aesthetically pleasing and artful edible sculpture of five spice-rubbed seared duck breast, rice pilaf, julienned vegetables and currant-orange gastrique paired with the impeccable balance of sweetness and acidity in a buttery, smooth chardonnay. Airy yet filling, colorful and creative, the first three lead to the fourth course: dessert.


In the main dining room of each of our paddlewheelers, elegant ambiance pairs with attentive service to provide a grand comestible show. While serving staff caters to every need on the frontlines, the culinary team creates artful, regionally influenced dishes behind the scenes.Our casual alternative venues offer convenient and quick options to enjoy flavorful dishes in a more laid-back setting. Guests are welcome embrace diverse cookery ranging from a lightdish to a full-plate feast at a buffet-style dining experience complete with bar service, skillfully carved meats, delectable side dishes and a potpourri of snacks such as ice cream, popcorn and freshly baked cookies. Enjoy seating inside or, weather permitting, venture outdoors for an open-air dining experience.


Regardless of the desired aesthetic, dining aboard any of our exquisite paddlewheelers offers countless flavors, sights and scents to satisfy both stomach and soul. Fall in love every day with a new culinary creation, and by the end of your voyage, your appetite will be sated, and your tongue will reminisce on the tantalizing notes of each course.

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