September 8, 2022

Discover Portuguese Traditions

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From unique music to the festivities of Santos Populares, Portuguese traditions are the best thing to take home from your trip.

 One of the best reasons to travel is to understand the different ways of life around the world. As we discover the different values of people around the globe, we learn to appreciate diversity and welcome some traditions into our lives back home. Over the centuries, the places we visit do the same.

This nation of early explorers celebrated their heritage and adapted the traditions they discovered in their travels. Travelers will discover colorful traditions and new ways of life throughout the country.

22_portugalsea_blog_body_2The Santos Populares Celebrations

During the month of June, Portugal celebrates Santos Populares (popular saints) throughout the country. On the nights of St. Anthony, St. John, and St. Peter, Portuguese towns light up with vivid celebrations. Most Portuguese towns celebrate these festivities, but Porto and Lisbon are known for their larger celebrations. The Festas de Lisboa celebrate St. Anthony's day where singing and dancing fill the streets throughout the nights of the 12th and 13th. Later in the month, Porto glows under a spectacular firework show and the locals release colorful hot air balloons into the night sky.

Domingos em Familia

Family time on Sundays is practiced throughout the world, but the Portuguese have incredible respect for their Sundays. Most families spend lunchtime on Sundays together. Hosted by one of the family members, tables are filled with traditional Portuguese dishes. Families come together to celebrate and relax before another week of hard work. If you find yourself in Portugal on a Sunday, try practicing this fun family tradition.

Fado Music

All Portuguese traditions are marked by the consistent presence of Fado. Consider a UNSECO Inmaterial heritage, Fado music is marked by melancholy, longing, fate, and destiny. This genre began to stand out in Portugal in the mid-nineteenth century, and the rest of the world wouldn't know Fado until 1930 when it was introduced to the rest of the world through cinema and the radio. If you are interested in finding live music on your trip, look for music houses in Lisbon and Porto.

How to travel through Portugal

If you're looking to make the most of your time while abroad, cruising is a great way to discover Portugal. While the country is comparatively small, the roads are also small and winding. With the Douro river running through Portugal and Spain, a cruise offers travelers time to experience many Portuguese towns. For those who prefer the sea, choose an itinerary that journeys from Porto through the straight of Gibraltar, ending along the Mediterranean coast for a cohesive view of the Iberian peninsula.

22_portugalsea_blog_body_3Cruise the Duero River

Viking: Portugal's River of Gold

Discover Lisbon to Porto with this incredible ten-day itinerary. With sailing dates throughout the year, this incredible journey reaches into the incredible towns and cities throughout Portugal. Discover river cruising this year with Viking Cruises.

AmaWaterways: Enticing Duero

Board the AmaDuero for an eight-day cruise from Porto, to Salamanca and back to Porto. With just 51 staterooms this AmaWaterways offers travelers the opportunity to engage with Portuguese culture.

22_portugalsea_blog_body_1Cruising the Silver Coast

Royal Caribbean: Spain & Portugal

Travel from Amsterdam to Barcelona aboard Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas. This eleven-day voyage is perfect for families looking to discover Europe. 

Oceania Cruises: North Sea Wayfarer

Spend 28 nights aboard the Oceania Marina on the discovery of a lifetime. Sailing from Oslo to Lisbon this trip stops at every major European Port including Stolkholm, Le Havre, Cobh, Bordeaux, Gijón, Porto, and Lisbon.

22_portugalsea_blog_body_4Benefits of booking with MVT

Montecito Village Travel is in the business of creating unforgettable memories and traveling for the good of the world around us. When you book with our amazing advisors, you will receive exclusive benefits. From a free massage for two on Royal Caribbean to a $500 shipboard credit on Viking cruises, ask your advisor how to make the most of your trip.

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