January 30, 2020

Experience Viking Cruises' Newest Expedition to Antarctica, The Arctic, and The Great Lakes

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Journeys to the Extraordinary

Explore uncharted waters with Viking Cruises on their newest purpose-built expedition ship. Learn about your destination from their Viking Resident Scientists and enrichment program, developed with Cambridge University and other leading academic institutions, and explore onshore and by sea with their fleet of small expedition vessels. 


It is a profound experience to set eyes upon Antarctica for the first time. Breathtaking vistas, otherworldly wildlife and the journey itself leave an indelible mark on visitors. Here is a land of paradoxes: the world's biggest desert that is also the world's largest ice sheet, nearly two miles thick. Virtually unexplored just 150 years ago, this continent belongs to no nation, and is protected by an international treaty for peaceful scientific pursuit. 

Viking_Cruises-ExpeditionThis ultimate adventure takes you to the Antarctic peninsula, where you will witness towering glaciers, snow-covered landscapes, immense icebergs and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife viewing. In the footsteps of explorers such as Amundsen, Shackleton and Scott, you will be one of the few to discover the world's last truly wild frontier. Each day brings new surprises and the opportunity to change plans to maximize wildlife sightings and adapt to ever-changing weather. 

The Arctic 

Explore the top of the world and experience the stark beauty of the Arctic, where polar bears reign and blue ice floats serenely on the horizon. Here it is silent and still one moment, a cacophony of migrating birds, barking seals and crackling icebergs the next. From the seas surrounding Svalbard - a far northern Norwegian archipelago of frozen tundra, dramatic fjords and remote human settlements - witness this world awakening from winter slumber to the midnight sun. 


Discover the stark beauty of the polar north. Although over half this land is covered by glaciers, a delicate ecosystem thrives here under the midnight sun. We are able to sail this far north thanks to a branch of the Gulf Stream which brings navigable seas and warmer weather to the region each summer. Svalbard is one of the world’s most remote regions, offering a beautiful, pristine wilderness where animals are uniquely adapted to life in the extreme cold. Here are some highlights you may experience during your journey:

  • Glimpse native species such as polar bears and Svalbard reindeer
  • Learn the mining and whaling history of Svalbard and Barensburg
  • Cruise through the "ice fjord" past jagged snow-covered peaks
  • Get an intimate view of beluga, minke and white whales by RIB
  • Visit Longyearbyen's seed vault and northernmost church
  • Discover Arctic beauty by cross-country ski, snowshoe or dogsled

Great Lakes & Canada 

Discover natural wonders: from outstanding beauty to historic cities and a deep connection to nature, the Great Lakes are an undiscovered treasure, boasting stunning national parks best explored via tranquil kayaking and hiking. This area is also rich in culture, with world-class museums, vibrant cities and areas steeped in First Nations traditions. 


America’s Great Lakes are a little-known, unspoiled wonderland, boasting diverse natural beauty, scenic wildlife and some of the most interesting cities in North America. Over 750 miles across with 10,000 miles of coastline, the Great Lakes cover an area twice as large as Pennsylvania. Glide silently by kayak past otters in Georgian Bay, hear the roar of Niagara Falls, hike through verdant old forests or visit Canada’s prominent museums to marvel at art inspired by these shores. Here are some highlights you may experience during your journey:

  • Explore the largest freshwater ecosystem on earth—the Great Lakes
  • Watch for wildlife, from bald eagles to moose, bears and beavers
  • Hike through stunning forests in this pristine environment
  • Learn about Canada’s colonial past and the St. Lawrence River
  • Kayak in stunning Georgian Bay—a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • View the world-class collection of the Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Explore tranquil, scenic Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
  • Transit engineering marvels like the Welland Canal and Soo Locks


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