September 15, 2022

Get Inspired on the Streets of Morocco

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Incredible culture and tradition inspire along the streets and city centers of Morocco.

The maker heritage of Morocco is influencing contemporary art on the global stage. Moroccan culture is unlike any other, from the traditional tea-pouring ceremony to the ring of the prayer bells. It is known for its ability to inspire artists around the world. 

Morocco has inspired many great artists with a history in decorative crafts, including architecture, tilework, and calligraphy. A wide range of influences makes the Moroccan style unique and defined. The local commitment to art and the maximalist trends of the souks lining the streets of Marrakech inspire foreigners. Colorful patterns, tooled leather, and intricate metalwork influence contemporary works around the world.

22_morocco_blog_body_3Moroccan Architecture

Often described for its beauty and mystery, some of Morocco's allure is due to its incredible architecture. Morocco's history can explain some of its influences, including design elements with a strong Islamic influence. Detailed geometrics, ornate calligraphy, and colorful mosaics contribute to Morocco's maximalist style.

Ornate touches from Islamic influences blend with the structural choices from Hispanic and Moorish architectures. The Hispano-Moorish influence offers clean whitewalls, arches, and larger domes. The blend of influences here defines the uniquely Moroccan spaces that have inspired works worldwide.

22_morocco_blog_body_2Local Commitment to Craft

The Souks or street vendors of Marrakech are known for their inspiring craftsmanship. These makers continue to craft with traditional tools, making some of the most defined pieces of leatherwork, woodwork, and tin crafting worldwide. Through refined skill and ancestral pride, they create intricate pieces with the traditional patterns seen in Andalusi and Morrocan works. Morocco's contemporary art movement draws inspiration from this notable tradition of making, pattern work, and calligraphy.


Yves Saint Laurent

Notable Fashion designer Saint Laurent, founder and lead designer of YSL, found inspiration in Morocco over the course of his life. Saint Laurent's fondness for Marrakech has been well documented since his first trip in 1960. After buying a house in Marrakech in 1966, he spent holidays enjoying the local culture before buying Villa Oasis with Berge. Connected to the Jardin Majorelle, the Villa later became a museum and was renamed Rue Yves Saint Laurent in his honor. One of the first significant artists inspired by Moroccan wares, many contemporary artists and makers follow in his footsteps.

22_morocco_blog_body_4Sail the wonders of Morocco

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Travel Tip: Ask For a Tour Guide

Morocco's primary languages are Arabic, French, and Berber. It is best to have an English-speaking guide traveling through the country. Plan ahead and ask your agent to set up a guide on the days you need one. As an added precaution, download a translator application and learn a few local greetings.

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