February 24, 2022

The Luxury of More Time

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Shianne Motter

Around the World in 180 Days 

Take some time to discover your next travel story and explore the world. Reach 5 continents onboard one of Oceania 2024 world cruises.

Departing Los Angeles on January 14, 2024, you’re invited to join aboard Oceania's small and luxurious Insignia to immerse your senses in cultural experiences. 


Oceania's world cruise itinerary features an alluring host of opportunities to travel deeper. You’ll have time to tour and explore at your own pace, enjoy leisurely dinners ashore, visit iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites and explore in the ways that make your travels meaningful and memorable.

info graphic-blog -oceania copyDelight in the island culture of Bora Bora, set off on a majestic desert safari while in Dubai and experience the stark contrast of Iceland’s dramatic glacial and volcanic landscapes.

On this incredible world voyage, the luxury of experiencing the marvels and the flavors of the world more deeply with overnight cruise ports is yet another facet that will enrich your epic adventure.

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Immersive Overland Programs

Delight in the luxury of more time and fully experience the new surroundings. With multi-day immersive overland programs from Oceania, you can do just that. 

Designed for the passionate traveler who seeks to embark on longer and more immersive explorations, these optional programs provide exclusive access to the world’s most renowned cultural treasures and natural wonders, from the iconic Great Wall of China and astounding Angkor Wat to the legendary Taj Mahal. 


Featured Overland Program: Joyous Java

Become immersed in Java’s history and culture through experiences that divulge the island’s true nature. The impact of Hinduism and Buddhism comes to light at the temple complexes of Prambanan and Borobudur, respectively.

Both architectural treasures are enlightening UNESCO World Heritage sites. A rare opportunity to watch a revered, almost spiritual kris dagger being made sheds additional light on the Javanese way of life. A train ride from the royal city of Yogyakarta brings you to sprawling Surabaya, where Arabic Square reveals the roots of Islam in Indonesia.

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