March 18, 2019

Traveling Alone: The Top Tips & Tricks on How to Travel Solo

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When You Travel Alone You're Able to Discover New Parts of Yourself

What's it like to go exactly where you want to go, without having to take anyone else into consideration? Well one word comes to mind. It is liberating! With nobody to judge your preferences and the complete freedom to do things exactly how you want, you're free to explore any destination to the complete fullest and get exactly what you want out of your travels. The possibilities are limitless.

Without another person as a safety net, you'll also have the opportunity to overcome your fears, muster up the courage to talk with other people, put yourself out there, get lost and discover the explorer inside of you.

In this guide, we've put together a few simple tips that can make your time alone the most enjoyable, memorable and self-indulgent experience of your life! 

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At your destination, you’ll undoubtedly want to try that famous curry sauce or an authentic enchilada, so don’t be turned off by the dreaded “eating alone” complex. Look for an outside bistro where you can sit in the bustling atmosphere and easily crowd-watch or grab a booth inside for more privacy.

Don’t forget to bring a book or download one onto your phone. And always, always indulge. Want that decadent dessert? Go for it. No one will give you the evil eye. Got a craving for a mid-day crepe? Why not? You’re in charge on this trip, and if all else fails, order room service. At all-inclusive resorts, room service is—you guessed it!—included, and in Europe, it isn’t that much more expensive than a local restaurant. You’ll get the added bonus of utter tranquility, lounging on your bed as you savor the local cuisine.



Of course, safety is paramount when traveling alone. While you might feel gratification after outrunning a pack of thieves, not everyone can say the same. Be adventurous, but don’t be reckless. The most important part of a solo adventure comes before you even step outside your door—research. Know your destination—the good sections and the bad neighborhoods—so you won’t be put in a devastating situation where you can’t save yourself only by snapping your fingers and dancing to a choreographed fight scene.

Safety first! Study maps before heading out, and don’t discount your phone’s GPS.

Take a day to become familiar with the streets, sights, and customs, so you know where your hotel is located and how to get back to it. However, avoid standing on the street corner with your map and guidebook. It would be more subtle to stamp “tourist” on your forehead. Instead, look at the map and mass transit guides in your room before you leave, and if you need a refresher, hit the bathroom of a local eatery. 

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Where to go 

For your first venture, Solo Traveler, you might want to choose a tourist friendly, English-speaking destination, such as New Zealand (bring your hobbit ears) or Ireland (another round?). If you do hit a foreign-speaking land, make sure you can say basic phrases, especially “no thank you” and “bathroom” and “nearest bar.”

Also, Caribbean and Mexican all-inclusive resort personnel speak English, and you never have to leave the resort. Breathless Punta Cana Resort and Spa offers communal seating at some restaurants, and gala dinners, night clubs, and shopping areas are arranged to foster social interaction. At Grand Oasis Sens in Cancun, there’re planned activities and a roaring nightlife geared toward maximizing solo and couple’s vacations.

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Featured Destinations

From the North Sea to the Mediterranean, from the Atlantic to the Adriatic, Europe is a never-ending journey – your own personal journey – with every one of its four dozen countries boasting a historical, cultural, and geographical banquet quite unlike any other continent on the planet. In fact, the biggest issue with traveling in Europe is deciding where you’re going to go.

While you can’t go wrong with any European country, Italy is a must for couples looking for romance. Families will love the United Kingdom for its museums and tours, and Ireland for its open spaces. Visit Greece for stunning views, France for the cuisine, and Iceland for natural wonders. If you’re not sure, talk with your travel agent for expert recommendations. 

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