December 21, 2022

Turkish Seafaring Superstitions

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Set sail on some incredible Aegean itineraries and learn about traditional Turkish seafaring.

Turkey's coast enjoys a long history of seafarers. The Port of Istanbul was used for sea-borne trade during the Ottoman period. In the 1960s, Turkey was home to some of the first pleasure yachtings, and today, sailors from all over the world enjoy the sights of the Turkish Riviera. Whether you are ferrying from one point to another or enjoying a famous "blue cruise," maritime transport is a necessary part of Mediterranean life. With their long history at sea, Turkish seafarers maintain a few superstitions and traditions when sailing.


Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning...

The red sky superstition is based on color changes due to barometric pressure. I'm sure you remember the incredible sunsets following a storm and the beautiful mornings preceding them. The storm clouds catch more light than a clear morning resulting in some of the most stunning colors of the day.

Take the right step forward.

According to tradition, when boarding a vessel, you should always step onto the ship with your right foot first. It is believed disaster may strike when your left foot is placed on the boat first.

Seabirds as a sailor's reincarnate

Seabirds hold a special place in a sailor's heart. Not only can they be the first sign on land, but some believe sailors who die at sea come back as seabirds. These birds watch over the ships and warn them of incoming storms with their loud caws.22_dec_oversea_turkey_4

Tattoos against drowning

Have you ever wondered why so many sailors and pirates have tattoos? According to some lore, sailors traditionally tattooed the feet of roosters and pigs to protect to ship from sinking. Later they began to tattoo themselves because the livestock crates floated. The tattooed animals were frequently the only survivors of these wrecks.22_dec_oversea_turkey_3

Earrings for seasickness and a proper burial

Similarly, many pirates and sailors had gold jewelry adorning their ears. They believed the earrings prevented seasickness. The inner ear can affect your balance, but no evidence supports this theory. These golden hoops instead ensured a proper burial for the sailor. 

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Travel there: Set sail on the Aegean Sea

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