August 31, 2020

Up, Up, and Upgrade Away on Princess Cruises

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Upgrade Away Sale!

It’s true what they say, it’s all about location, location, location! While all the staterooms on Princess Cruises are beautiful, it’s even better staying in a prime location. Voila! Say hello to the Upgrade Away Sale. For a limited time only, you can enjoy a FREE stateroom location upgrade with either the Princess Plus fare that includes the premier drink package, Wi-Fi, and gratuities, or the Princess Savers fare, the lowest, no-frills price.

  • Offer is valid through November 2, 2020 and applied to cruises and crusietours departing March 2021 and beyond.

Featured Itinerary: 14-Day Fiji Cruise

Roundtrip from Sydney, Australia - Sailing April 2021

1SydneySydney, Australia

Hailed by many seafarers as "the most beautiful harbor in the world," Australia's oldest and largest city was born in 1788 with the arrival of the "First Fleet" transporting 760 British convicts. Today, Sydney is the largest port in the South Pacific and is often voted the most popular destination in the South Pacific.

Points of Interest:

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • The Blue Mountains
  • Featherdale Wildlife Park
  • Bondi Beach
  • MacQuairies Chair
  • The Rocks
  • Echo Point

7fijiNoumea, New Caledonia

Noumea is a little piece of France in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Before World War II, New Caledonia was a little known and seldom-visited French possession known for its penal colony and its natural resources. Today, travelers are drawn to New Caledonia for its scenic beauty. The island is famed for its white-sand beaches while its barrier reef is the world's second longest, and the offshore waters offer superb diving and snorkeling.

Points of Interest:

  • Aquarium of Noumea
  • Mt. Ouen Toro
  • Baie de Citrons / Lemon Bay Beach
  • Parc Forestier
  • Promenade Vernier
  • Anse Vata & Anse Vata Beach
  • Duck Island (Ilot Canard) or Amedee
  • Maritime Museum

3GlassBoatMystery Island, Vanuatu

This tiny, uninhabited inlet, originally named Inyeug, is located at the southernmost end of the Vanuatu archipelagoUsed during World War II as an airstrip for the allied forces, it was dubbed "Mystery Island" because its location prevented the Japanese from seeing it from the water, making the appearance of allied planes a "mystery." With its white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees and spectacularly clear waters, Mystery Island still holds the allure of a secret oasis. 

Points of Interest:

  • Marketplace
  • Snorkel Experience
  • Glass-Bottom Boat
  • Glass-Bottom Kayak
  • Stand-Up Paddleboard
  • Cultural Village
  • Modern Village Tour

10-fijiDravuni Island, Fiji

Less than two miles in length from north to south, Dravuni Island lies in the Kadavu Island group of Fiji. Its volcanic peaks give way to a remote village of just 200 or so friendly villagers who live amongst the island's shady palms. These welcoming locals and their children often sing to arriving visitors. Many visitors come to snorkel in the Great Astrolabe Reef, or to hike Dravuni Island's highest peak for magnificent once-in-a-lifetime views of the surrounding islands.

Points of Interest:

  • Village Culture
  • Beach / Lagoon
  • Great Astrolabe Reef
  • Sports

4SuvaSuva, Fiji

The Fiji archipelago is at the cross roads of the South Pacific. In the days of sailing ships, it was known as "The Cannibal Isles," where mariners carefully avoided its fierce warriors and perfidious waters. Thankfully, Fiji's pagan days live only in the tales recalled by tour guides. Suva, the political, administrative, educational and commercial center, has a backdrop of lush rainforest maintained by the inevitable "tropical downpour." Built around a reef-protected natural harbor, Suva, with its colonial buildings nestled alongside modern commercial venues, shops and local markets, parks and residential sprawl, is home to nearly half of Fiji's urban population.

Points of Interest:

  • Fiji Museum & Thurston Gardens
  • Colo-I-Suva
  • Raiwaqa Village
  • Fiji Arts Village
  • Pure Fiji Factory
  • Naililili
  • Pearl South Pacific Beach Resort
  • Nausori

6FijiSavusavu, Fiji

Savusavu boasts one of the most spectacular harbors in the South Pacific. Life here seems to move at a more serene pace. No wonder the international yachting set has made Savusavu one of the Pacific's top destinations. Protected by mountains, Savusavu Bay is one of the finest sheltered anchorages in the South Pacific. The US Navy chose it as a "hurricane hole" during World War II - a place of refuge during the Pacific typhoon season.

Points of Interest:

  • Copra Plantation
  • Volcanic Hot Springs
  • Fijian Village Visits
  • Waisali Rainforest Reserve
  • Boat Tours
  • J Hunter Pearls (Shopping And Farm Visit)
  • Kokomana Factory
  • Flora Tropica Garden

9fijiLautoka, Fiji

The second-largest city of Fiji, Lautoka is located in the west, on the island of Viti Levu. It is nicknamed The Sugar City due to its expansive sugarcane plantations producing the island's most important crop. A drive through the city center allows glimpses of tree-lined streets, colonial houses, colorful markets and a vibrant local culture.

Points of Interest:

  • Lautoka
  • South Sea Orchid Garden
  • Sabeto Village
  • Nadi Marketplace
  • Viseisei Village
  • Sleeping Giant Garden
  • Nama Factory & Wellness Center
  • Tukuni's Organic Farm

2IsleofPinesIsle of Pines, New Caledonia

Isle of Pines is a wonderful place to dive and explore. Although this breathtaking island has been nicknamed "the closest island to Paradise," it once served as a penal colony to thousands of French deportees. Pottery found on the island dates back to 1500 B.C., although the discovery of the island is most often attributed to Captain James Cook, who sailed by during a voyage to New Zealand in the 18th century. Cook named the island after its towering native pines, but he never set foot on land, presumably threatened by the sight of smoke rising above the trees.

Points of Interest:

  • Notre Dame de l'Assomption Catholic Church
  • Grotto of Queen Hortense
  • Isle of Pines Penal Colony
  • Pic Nga
  • St. Joseph's Bay
  • St. Maurice Bay
  • Le Meridien Resort
  • Turtle Bay

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