April 1, 2020

Where We Cruise - American Queen Steamboat Company

Picture of Nick Cabugos
Nick Cabugos

Creative Director, Montecito Village Travel

America’s most authentic paddlewheel riverboats move you in relaxation and backward in time.

Soak up the view as the wonders of the rivers gently slide by. Enjoy the admiration of bystanders who gather to appreciate the beauty of your riverboat’s design. Explore your vessel’s stunning art collection throughout the boat. Share your experience with fellow guests who, like you, have come not only to see, but to experience these magnificent rivers.

You might choose to discover the Mississippi Delta on the Lower Mississippi River. Take in silent Civil War battlefields, seductive Memphis blues, New Orleans jazz, irresistible southern cooking and an AQSC exclusive port of call at Nottoway Plantation—the South’s largest existing antebellum mansion.

Or perhaps an Upper Mississippi Rivercruise is in the cards. As river bends unspool, the natural splendor comes alive along the dramatic riverbanks and bluffs of this glacial valley. Much like Mark Twain would have experienced on his many trips along the river,
you’ll be captivated by the people you meet, cultures you discover and bounty that awaits.


In America’s heartland, on the Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois and Cumberland Rivers, nature unfolds the beauty of each season as we peacefully drift past rolling meadows, charming farms, rustic railroad bridges and towering bluffs. Friendly locals on shore greet our elegant craft like cherished friends as we cruise by. Feel the same sense of wonder and possibility that fueled pioneer journeys.


Or choose to experience dramatic scenery and relive the daring exploits of frontiersmen and adventurers on the Columbia and Snake Rivers. It is here that history thrives in the parade of a quiet land, uplifted by the rocky cliffs and ripened trees that stretch from the ground below. Soothing waterways lead to wine country, and allow the ever-moving world around you transform into a vessel of tranquility and peace –ripe for adventuring.

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