September 10, 2018

Your Dream Galapagos Vacation | All-Inclusive Silversea Cruise

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This Expedition Aboard the Silversea Galápagos Will Take You to the Islands That Once Inspired Charles Darwin

This all-inclusive Galápagos expedition cruise, enjoyed aboard Silver Galapagos, brings you to one of the most isolated places in the world to encounter an abundant variety of wildlife species that is incredibly unique and found nowhere else on earth. 

Some of the wildlife you'll encounter on this 7-Day cruise are turtles, manta rays, marine iguanas, flamingos, penguins, pelicans, and flightless cormorants. You’ll also snorkel,  walk across impressive lava fields and hike to picturesque saltwater lagoons. 



San Cristobal to Baltra

7 Days | Departs November 24th | From $8,100

Embark Silver Galapagos for your exciting Silversea Western Galápagos Expedition and keep a look out for frigatebirds, Swallow-tailed Gulls and Nazca Boobies. Just off the coast of Santiago, Bartolomé boasts some of the most magnificent landscapes. including the famous Pinnacle Rock, a towering obelisk at the edge of the ocean. Beautiful Espumilla Beach offers a wealth of water-based activities, including snorkelling with a kaleidoscopic array of tropical fish, whitetip reef sharks, fur seals and even eagle rays. Experience it all with complimentary exploration activities including Zodiac tours, snorkeling, kayaking and nature hikes led by our highly experienced  guides certified by the National Park of the Galápagos.


A short cruise across the Bolivar Strait brings Silver Galápagos to Tagus Cove on Isabela Island. Yellow Warblers and Galápagos Mockingbirds may escort our hike between palo santo trees and yellow cordias, passing the briny Darwin Lake along the way. Join the snorkelling tour to look for penguins, cormorants and the shy Brown Noddy along the sheltered cliffs. You may also explore the area on a kayak. At Punta Cormorant, one of the most interesting sites in the islands, you will land on the olive-green sand and walk to Flour Beach, a favorite nesting site for green sea turtles, hoping to see flamingos on the way. Floreana also offers some of the best snorkelling sites in the Galápagos.


The largest colony of marine iguanas in the Galápagos can be seen sunning on the black lava shores of Punta Espinoza at the northeastern corner of Fernandina. One of the most pristine islands in the world, Fernandina hosts an impressive array of wildlife including sea lions, colourful Sally Lightfoot crabs and the rare endemic Flightless Cormorant. Cerro Dragon’s land iguanas have played an important part in the conservation program by the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos National Park. When their numbers declined in the 1970s some animals were taken to breed in captivity, others were put onto the neighbouring islet Venecia. As these programs were successful, we will be heading inland on a trail leading past small saltwater lagoons that periodically feature flamingos to see the reintroduced animals. Once at the hill, we will circle Cerro Dragon, looking for the land iguanas and their burrows.


This all-inclusive and highly personalised cruise features ocean view suites, many with a private teak veranda. Silversea's exquisite cuisine is inspired by Relais & Châteaux You are cordially invited to experience the extraordinary world of luxury cruise travel. The world of Silversea. It is a world of European elegance and casual sophistication.  and is comparable to some of the finest restaurants on land. From butler service for every guest to journeys that are infinitely customizable, Silversea luxury cruises are the gold standard by which all others are judged.

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