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It’s about up-close encounters with beauty, wildness & the seldom-seen.

Adventure expeditions are extraordinary experiences—designed with curious, intelligent people in mind. There are opportunities to go to the planet’s exceptional places, many of which are either otherwise inaccessible (e.g. Antarctica) or best accessed by a ship (e.g. Galápagos, Alaska, Baja’s Sea of Cortez, Costa Rica & Panama, to name only a few).

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Baja California and the Sea of Cortez

Featured Destinations


Costa Rica

It’s a land of contrasts: the renowned natural beauty of Costa Rica and the tropical wildness of Panama; the stark concrete of the Panama Canal, a marvel of engineering in constant use for nearly 100 years.

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This is true polar exploration—whether it’s attempting to penetrate the massive ice of east Greenland to reach Northeast Greenland National Park, marveling at the big ice of West Greenland, or cruising among the towering icebergs of UNESCO World Heritage-designated Ilulissat Icefjord.

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Venture to the headwaters of the mighty Amazon River to explore protected parklands. Meet with ribereños, inhabitants of the reserve who continue to live close to their ancestral traditions.

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Channel Islands

Head for three of the five wildlife-rich islands which make up Channel Islands National Park, plus Catalina Island. Here, you'll actively explore unmarred landscapes, revel in pure nature, and rejuvenate mind, body, and soul with our well-being programs.

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Explore the wildlife-rich coast and islands of Southeast, Southcentral, and Western Alaska. Begin on Alaska’s Panhandle, exploring the fjords, villages, and wildlife of the Inside Passage.

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Visit high points of culture along the coast of South America, and venture to seldom-seen places of pure wildness when you cruise the South American West Coast.

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Travel by Interest

Expedition Photography

All skill and interest levels are welcome; Lindblad's expert photographers and instructors can meet you wherever you are on your journey. All you need to participate is a camera— point-and-shoot, smartphone, DSLR, whatever—and a sense of adventure. And you’re sure to return home with the best photos of your life.

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Travel by Interest

Family and Multi-Generational Travel

Expeditions offer extraordinary experiences for travelers of all ages. An expedition is the perfect way to experience wildness with your family—whether that’s a twosome, nuclear unit or sprawling multi-generational clan. On every expedition we see grandparents, parents, and children sharing activities and creating a bright, collective family memory. Whether you're 8 or 80, there is joy in discovering the wild together.

Wildlife Expeditions

Fascinating Creatures in Extraordinary Places

Get to know some of the amazing animals that share our planet. Lindblad's new series highlights a range of species that make their homes in the extraordinary and varied regions where they explore. On these expeditions, you’ll have the chance to experience these creatures in the wild—from the strange and rare to the inspiring and beautiful—during thrilling, unforgettable encounters.

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Wild Escaped

Experience Wildness, Wellness & Wonder in Less Time

Choose from 11 action-packed itineraries in 9 remarkable destinations—our new Wild Escapes are designed to make every single day of your travels spectacular and make the most of your valuable time. In just five days you can explore a remote, pristine, species-rich U.S. national park, effortlessly traversing the ocean that separates it from California. Go beyond the Blue Lagoon and get deep ‘inside’ Iceland in just 6 days. Or enjoy a weeklong voyage in Galápagos and see the iconic creatures that inspired Darwin, from blue-footed boobies to giant tortoises. All in the engaging company of our naturalists for in-depth insights.

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