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The splash of a whale tail, sparkling bioluminescence, calving glaciers, howler monkeys, and the scent of plumeria in the valley... UnCruise's small boats nestle into corners of the world where nature reigns and culture stays strong. Unbeatable activity, expertise, and personalized service—with connection, place, and adventure at the heart of your experience. Extrasensory and uncensored.

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Experience the serenity and natural wonder of Prince William Sound with UnCruise

Featured Destinations



With over 20 years of exploring Alaska, nobody knows it better. Their captains and crew navigate its waterways and inlets as easily as walking the halls of their own vessel—and are always on the lookout.

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Colombia & Snake Rivers

Set sail for the recreation mecca of the rivers. Wine lovers and foodies revel in tours and tastings—we think Syrah tastes even better when sipped from the bow and overlooking the hills of the riverbank.

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Ecuador welcomes with Spanish colonial architecture, though chances are you’re here for the wildlife. Get in a snorkel with green sea turtles or a guided amble past blue-footed boobies, flamingos, penguins, and iguanas.

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Hawaiian Islands

Whales and dolphins alongside the boat are just the beginning. Snorkeling in Hawaii means warm water, coral gardens, and neon-colored fish. And you'll remember snorkeling with sea turtles long after you’ve taken off your flippers.

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Latin America

Ocean, sky, or palms—painted with the brightest blues and greens. In Latin America, humidity soothes from the outside in. Howler monkeys and hummingbirds lure you along jungle hikes. Fragrant orchids creep out from mangroves.

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Steinbeck, Cousteau… now it’s your turn to explore the “world’s aquarium” in the Sea of Cortes. Greet sea lions from the boat or skiff, or slip into a wetsuit for an even closer encounter.

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Pacific Northwest

From the winding channels of the San Juan Islands to the inlets of coastal Washington, meanderings in the Pacific Northwest put you in unique corners of this world.

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Life Onboard

Each Ship has its Own Personality

All of the ships share a common goal—to bring relaxation, comfort, and camaraderie to adventurers. The ambience is welcoming and casual. The crew calls you by name and quickly knows your preferences, making you feel right at home. And by the end of the cruise, you and your fellow travelers will feel like one big family.

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Local. Fresh. Inspired.

It's a simple motto with delicious results. UnCruise's culinary program begins by building relationships with local farmers and vendors—with a focus on what’s fresh and sustainable. Field-to-table produce and ocean-friendly seafood from the waters they cruise in. The result? Innovative, nutritious, and tasty dishes that highlight the flavors of the region. In Alaska, sample buttery-rich Dungeness crab caught live, in-season, by local fishermen. Or try roasted pineapple with mascarpone ice cream and banana bread crumble in the Hawaiian Islands. It's a true taste of place.

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Theme Cruises

Special Interest Itineraries

From bird watching to photography, Uncruise recognizes that guests often share similar uncorked passions—UnCruise has taken their adventures another step further by creating some special themed cruise departure dates. Whether you’re simply curious to learn, a budding amateur, or already an authority, join in on a special theme departure that taps your passion!

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