December 8, 2023

The Cost of Flying Private? Priceless

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How much is a private jet?

It's a question that many people have when considering luxury travel options, and the answer may surprise you. With the rise of semi-private options and private terminals, the cost of flying on a private jet is becoming more accessible than ever before. Gone are the days of needing to rent an entire private jet just to experience the luxury and convenience of flying privately. 

Its hard to describe it, until you experience it. And once your fly private or semi-private its hard to go back. Now, you can purchase individual seats on private jets, or private terminal memberships, making it more affordable and convenient for travelers.

Abercombie & Kent Wildlife Safari; Around the World by Private Jet
Feb 14, 2024 - March 9 2024

From the noble Bengal tiger and placid whale shark to the endangered mountain gorilla and playful lemur -circle the globe exclusively by A&K's chartered private jet. 

Travel in a small group of 48 guests on a customized jet equipped with fully lie-flat seats, staying in luxurious accommodations along the way and encountering iconic animals with the best experts at your side. 

.Don't miss the chance to elevate your travel experience to new heights—secure your spot on Abercrombie & Kent's Private Jet Journeys and make every moment an unforgettable adventure by reaching out to one of our travel advisors.

Book with MVT to receive an exclusive $500 amenity credit on any Private Jet, Inspiring Expedition by Geoffrey Kent or Luxury Tailor Made booking of $125,000 per person or more. 


Having a P/ S membership is the closest thing to flying private, without the cost of a renting a private jet. P/S redefines what you thought the airport experience could be with a private luxury terminal for pre and post flights at LAX ...and now ATL! Just far enough from the chaotic airport terminals, P/S offers ease, private suites, and security. With an exclusive partnerships with TSA and Customs and Border Protection, travelers go through TSA and wait at the Private Suites terminal. And when the time is right, a private P/S luxury car escorts you across the airfield, directly to cabin door!

P/S features private lounges, bar, family suites, spa services, and chef-prepared meals for a stress-free- almost zen- airport experience. P/S does not require annual Membership, however, annual Members enjoy many benefits. The All Access Membership, priced at $4,850 annually, provides preferred pricing for the Private Suite and extends to The Salon and PS Direct. It offers priority reservations and a flexible cancellation policy. The Salon Membership, at $1,250 annually, includes preferred pricing, priority reservations, and a favorable cancellation policy. Opt for the No Membership option for a bespoke experience, savoring PS amenities at an extra cost without an annual fee.

Exclusive dual-service discounts include a 25% discount for All Access Membership, The Salon Membership, and No Membership. Elevate your airport lifestyle with unparalleled luxury within P/S, where every moment exceeds expectations.

Private Domestic Flights on Aero

Destinations range from Dallas to the scenic tranquility of Sun Valley and the high-altitude charm of Aspen/Pitkin County Airport. Aero has gone international , now offering flights to Los Cabos!

With private terminals, attentive service, and premium amenities, you can confidently sit back and enjoy an elevated and comfortable journey. Best of all? Aero is ideal for all kinds of travelers—pets are welcome onboard, and our spacious jets are perfect for individuals, families with children, groups of friends, and more.

Boasting a fleet of meticulously maintained jets, Aero Private Jets delivers personalized and efficient flight experiences to discerning travelers. From opulent interiors in spacious cabins to cutting-edge technology for safety and comfort, every aspect is designed to exceed elite clientele expectations. Committed to privacy, flexibility, and unparalleled service, Aero Private Jets extends its offerings across a curated selection of exclusive routes, with strategically located private terminals.

Four Seasons Private Jet Experience 

International Intrigue July 2025

Elevate your travel on the customized Four Seasons Private Jet, designed for 48 globetrotters. Experience the vintage glamour of air travel with the Airbus A321LRneo by Titan Airways Limited, featuring an artfully crafted journey with the widest and tallest cabin.

The in-flight experience includes interactive workshops, educational demonstrations, and culinary surprises in an exclusive lounge. Travel confidently with a dedicated on-board physician. Lavatories double as changing rooms, reflecting the attention to detail found in Four Seasons hotels. Curated by an Executive Chef, the culinary journey showcases local ingredients from destinations. 

For $148,000 per person, you can fly on a two-week private jet itinerary hosted by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts 

Remote Lands

Embark on a journey with Remote Lands Private Jets, where the skies become your exclusive domain to traverse the stunning landscapes of Asia. Picture yourself soaring above landmarks and hidden gems alike, all while enjoying comfort and opulence in a meticulously curated private jet experience. Remote Lands redefines travel, offering discerning travelers the opportunity to navigate the vast and diverse terrains of Asia with sophistication. From secluded archipelagos to ancient wonders,

Remote Lands Private Jets cater to your every desire, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable expedition. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary, guided by a team dedicated to crafting experiences that transcend expectations. Whether seeking retreats or adventures, Remote Lands Private Jets provides an intimate and indulgent platform for discovering the captivating allure of Asia from the elevated comfort of your own private aircraft.

Why use a travel advisor?

An MVT advisor can ensure you have a well planned, balanced trip.

Booking with MVT also opens doors to VIP status and other exclusive benefits like welcome amenities, flexible check in-out, and hotel spending credits. 

Looking for travel tips? We always travel with an empty duffle bag especially if you plan on shopping internationally! So pack your bags, and let an MVT advisor do the rest. 

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