Star Clippers Tall Ship Sailings

Tall Ship Cruises That Dreams Are Made Of

Unique Sailing Adventures

Friends gather round the Piano Bar and join in singing a few favorites. And in the Tropical Bar, the bartender shakes a pitcher full of some delicious cooling concoction. Now, is there anything more relaxing than this? Clearly this is not a cruise ship in the ordinary sense. On Star Clippers, you will find that there are no rigid schedules. You are free to do as you wish with your days – and evenings. To entertain you, Star Clippers brings local performers on board to give passengers an authentic taste of the local music and arts.

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Enjoy breathtaking surroundings in an intimate atmosphere.

The Star Clippers Experience


The Informal Elegance of Star Clippers.

This is not a cruise ship in the ordinary sense. On Star Clippers, you will find that there are no rigid schedules. You are free to do as you wish with your days – and evenings.

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Gracious Service. Rest Assured.

There’s nothing so easy and pleasurable as falling asleep to the gentle rhythms of the ship and sea – unless it’s awakening refreshed the next morning to a new-born day.

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Continental Cuisine. Culinary Delights.

Star Clippers inspired chefs make dining aboard a delightful culinary adventure with an international menu of foods from the far corners of the earth.

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Caribbean & Panama Canal

Imagine sailing through turquoise waters on a tall ship, sails billowing in the wind, the sun setting on the horizon turning the sky different hues of orange while a warm, gentle breeze blows up on deck. This is the essence of the Caribbean onboard a Star Clippers ship. Escape to the relaxed ambiance and feel the true rhythm of the islands as you delve deeper into their history, culture, cuisine and natural landscapes.

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Southeast Asia

Thailand. Singapore. Malaysia. Indonesia. And now Cambodia. This is mystical Southeast Asia with its pristine beaches and fascinating culture. Star Clipper sails year-round in this tropical paradise, allowing for plenty of beach time, not
to mention diving and snorkeling, as well as opportunities to explore ancient temples and ruins, wild jungles and vibrant cities alike.

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Considered the epitome of a cruise adventure by many, ocean crossings were once reserved for the elite few who could afford such a journey. Today, Star Clippers offers an unparalleled ocean crossing experience to their guests, one where you are encouraged to commune with the ocean, seek out a quiet sanctuary on deck to take in the scenery, and enjoy the authentic experience of crossing the ocean onboard a true sailing ship.

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From pristine beaches and picture-perfect coastal towns to ancient ruins and architecture to fresh and flavorful cuisine, the Mediterranean region is easily one of the most diverse in the world. Star Clippers sailings here pay call on more than 10 countries in the Eastern and Western Mediterranean, encouraging you to experience this area the way it was meant to be seen, from the deck of a classic tall ship.

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